Rooted was the Beginning - Elizabeth's Story

Watch Elizabeth tell her story on YouTube.

Elizabeth Sylvester, and her husband Phil, were one of those couples that faithfully came to church for years, but they didn't do anything beyond that. Phil became convicted to change that and encouraged his wife to register for a Rooted Discipleship Experience several years ago. Initially Elizabeth wasn't comfortable with the idea, but nervously, and somewhat reluctantly agreed to give it a try.  Rooted is a 10-week journey that Ventura Missionary hosts two times per year. It is a way to connect with other people, with God, and His purpose in your life.

Though it was a little intimidating that first night, Elizabeth very quickly became super comfortable. She says, "Our facilitators were great, and we bonded really quickly. That was four or five years ago, and I still connect with that group of people, and we still talk about our great experience together."

Elizabeth continues, "In fact, Rooted was such a great experience for us that Phil and I decided to facilitate. And what a fantastic experience that was! It was so great, we signed up to facilitate again, and then that group turned into a small group, and got even more connected, and I got to see some of the group members grow in their faith. It was so amazing!"

There is a part of Rooted where participants fill out a card indicating areas they would be interested in serving at the church. Elizabeth chose working in the Church Office.  She says, "I began volunteering once a week, and that led to being employed at the church and meeting more people and getting to know so many faces in the congregation." She is quick to assert that, "And that never would have happened had I not been through Rooted, had I not taken that step. It just shows you how the Lord works and how He is slowly pushing me to take those little steps."

Rooted takes place twice a year. Elizabeth says, "If you're sitting out there and wondering whether you should take that step, I'm saying, 'Do it! Just take that step and watch the way the Lord works in you and in your family. He's going to connect you to this community. You're going to love it, I promise.'"

Rooted did in fact impact Elizabeth's family as well. It's not just she and her husband who have become more than just spectators at church. Her high school son plays bass on the worship team, and her older son takes photos for the church when he comes home from college.

For more details and to register for Rooted, visit our Rooted page.

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