True Community

On April 24, 2019, we completed our eighth session of ROOTED at Ventura Missionary!  ROOTED is an opportunity that we host twice a year. This ROOTED session included our second Spanish speaking group, our first two morning Senior Adults groups, and four Wednesday night groups. It is incredible how God brought the groups together in ways that allowed them to experience genuine community. 100 of us gathered at the ROOTED celebration dinner (pictured above) to commemorate what God had done in the previous ten weeks. Life stories were shared, strongholds were broken, shame was shattered, and loneliness was replaced with an assembly of new friends. These new friends are now encouraging one another to grow in their faith through God's Word, routinely praying for one another, and developing a desire to live authentically and generously. Many were empowered for the first time to see themselves as Scripture says God sees us - created, chosen, adopted, forgive, redeemed and loved.

As one ROOTED participant stated, "Connecting with others and wanting to heal from emotional scars is the rope I needed to climb out of my own dark space. I hope to continue the 'connect and climb' experience, and realize God's plans for me that I have been unable to see on my own." Groups Director, Marci Worthy says, "I am grateful to see how God is using ROOTED as a catalyst to bring people together and produce the fruit of God's transforming love in people's lives.  

To learn more about ROOTED, click HERE.  

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