The Rooted Tug - George and Christine's Story

George and Christine Meier had been living in Ventura for a year. They missed the close-knit community they had at their church in L.A. While visiting Ventura Missionary, they heard about Rooted, a ten-week discipleship experience, and both felt stirred to give it a try. They hoped that Rooted would be a way to accelerate their ability to find community. It did that and so much more.
One of Christine's favorite parts of Rooted was getting to hear the stories of those in their group. It built community among them - the very kind of community that they had been longing for since their move to Ventura. As a result, they decided to make Ventura Missionary their church home.
One of George's favorite parts of Rooted was the Serve Experience. Their group fed the homeless and those staying at the Rescue Mission. He said it brought their group even closer together. Seeing the smiles and gratitude of those they were feeding was such a blessing. They were there for two hours, yet he found himself wanting to serve more people. George says, "It felt too short!"
When asked if they would recommend Rooted to others, George and Christine had similar answers. George said, "People should register for Rooted for pretty much every reason that they think they shouldn't. If they feel like they don't know anyone in this church, if they feel lost in their path, if they feel like they're too busy for God or feeling lost and unsure of their faith, those are all the reasons they SHOULD go through Rooted. Rooted is just one of those things that gives you a deeper understanding of everything about God and His community."
Christine put it like this, "The enemy wants to isolate you and tells you that this is not for you - that you don't have time or energy or money, but God's Word says that His sheep hear His voice, and if you feel that tug like I did, I think you should go. God wants to give us something beautiful and precious, and you can't live out the life He has planned for you if you don't step out in faith."

Watch a video of George and Christine's stories below!

George's Rooted Story
Christine's Rooted Story

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