Showing Teens Their Value in Christ - Rene and Cristina's Story

Rene and Cristina Matus are VMC missionaries serving in Mexico through Love in Action Partners. Since 2005, as part of their ministry to teens, Rene and Cristina have been hosting camps that teach Abstinence, Purity and Value (APV).

Through the 2018 camps, 199 girls made a commitment to sexual purity and abstinence until marriage. There were also 55 who accepted Jesus as their Savior. Here are a couple of personal stories from girls who attended:

"My name is Goya. The first time I went to APV was four years ago. At that time I had broken up with my boyfriend and I was heartbroken. I had no hope for my life, felt completely lost and unappreciated. I felt that I was not worthy of love. When I got there, the environment was so pure, so honest, so safe. God started to touch my life. Thanks to APV, I have continued to take my relationship with God in a deeper level, understanding that my value is based on Jesus and not in me. God touched my life four years ago and now I can testify that staying pure and honoring God's Word is my lifestyle."

"Belen is 19 years old. She is currently living with her aunt because of a family situation. When she came back from camp, she said, 'The Lord revealed Himself to me as a Father and He set me free. I heard the Lord telling me ot stop listening to non-Christian music. It didn't honor Him and He knows this was a big issue in my life.' It was Belen's first time at camp. We never touched on the subject of non-Christian music, but the Lord speaks to each according to their need. Belen continues, 'APV was the tool God used to change my life and bring order and hope to me when I thought all was lost.'"

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