Through the Fire God is With Us - John and Marci's Story

John and Marci Worthy have had a difficult and overwhelming year. When the homes above Foothill were threatened the night the Thomas Fire began, Marci's parents evacuated to their home. As the fire spread and the power went out, the firefighters wanted everyone to evacuate, so John and Marci, their son, Drew and Marci's parents evacuated to a friend's home near the college. Their daughter, Siena, was at Westmont College at the time, scared and worried about her family. Before the night was over, the family was evacuated again, so they spent the night in their cars in a very smoky parking lot in town.
Tragically, the Worthy's learned that their home and all they owned had been lost. It has been the most difficult year of their lives...but God's blessing shines brighter than their tragedy. Marci has discovered God's presence and provision in unexpected ways. God continues to strengthen her faith and speak to her, especially as she prays, encourages and reaches out to others at our church and in the community.
Because of his profession, John has had a unique opportunity to be a valuable resource, a sounding-board, and an architect for many people who have lost their homes. John understands first-hand the emotions and frustrations that many of his clients are experiencing, and God is using him in amazing ways to help people literally rebuild their lives.
John and Marci both struggle with grief and loss as they have been thrust into this new chapter of their story, but God has been encouraging and guiding them in very personal and meaningful ways that have helped them to see God has been with them through the fire and its aftermath. They look forward with anticipation and excitement for what God will reveal and prepare for them this coming year. 
To view their story, watch the videos below: 

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