Who do you know that lives well? There is something about a well-crafted life that draws us in. They are those individuals who are a blessing to many, and who motivate others to follow God's design for living. They don't cut corners or compromise on biblical values. They make choices that reveal inner strength, rather than focusing on deeds that only look good from the outside. They resolve to live by God's instructions no matter what stress or circumstance comes their way. They are not perfect, but they are committed to honor God and others with their lives. We want to feature examples of these well-crafted lives in a variety of ways. And...one nominee will be selected to receive a surfboard, crafted by Roberts Surfboards!

Ways To Nominate a Well-Crafted Life

Write a paragraph describing why the person you are nominating is an example of a well-crafted life and submit in one of the following ways:  

  • Hashtag on Social Media:  #wellcraftedlifevmc

  • Fill out the card available at church and pin to one of the identified walls in the church lobby.

  • Complete this online form: