Eating with Enemies

In a world that seems to be increasingly divided, Christians are called to be a unifying presence. But, as we live in this tense culture filled with so many passionate opinions, how do we keep from adding to the division and noise? 

Eating with Enemies is a sermon and small group series designed to equip you with skills to pursue unity in a divided world. 


Part 1

How to Disagree Without Being a Jerk: 3 Thoughts on Disagreeing With The People We Care About
Part 2

Repairing Hurt Relationships: Developing the Skills of Reconciliation
Part 3

Finding the Right Hills to Die On: How to Know When it Should Really Matter
Part 4

Racial Reconciliation in the Church with Special Guest: Charles Clemons


We encourage you to utilize these resources for our "Eating with Enemies" series. The content is designed to help you grow in community and individually, and also to share with others who might benefit from them.


Discussion Guides for small groups are updated by Friday each week and coincide with the sermon for that week.


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The following are some great supplemental resources for our "Eating with Enemies" series:


Jesus Outside the Lines - A Way Forward for Those Who are Tired of Taking Sides

by Scott Sauls

Until Unity

by Francis Chan

Undivided - A Biblical Response to What Divides U.S.

by Charles Clemons

A Gentle Answer - Our "Secret Weapon" in an Age of Us Against Them

by Scott Sauls

Finding the Right Hills to Die On - The Case for Theological Triage

by Gavin Ortlund

The Righteous Mind - Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion

by Jonathan Haidt

Boundaries - When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life

by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

When to Walk Away - Finding Freedom From Toxic People

by Gary Thomas

Disunity in Christ - Uncovering the Hidden Forces That Keep Us Apart

by Christena Cleveland


A "Let's Talk" podcast from The Gospel Coalition about why and how we should be friends with people not just like us.

A "Let's Talk" podcast from the Gospel Coalition that discusses sins of speech and how to rein in the tongue online and in person.


An article from The Gospel Coalition by Quina Aragon

An article from The Gospel Coalition by Matt Smethurst

An article by John Piper

An article from the Gospel Coalition by Ruthanne Jenkins

An article from Desiring God by Jon Bloom

An article from Desiring God by Joe Rigney

An article from the Gospel Coalition by Gavin Ortlund

Video Resources from RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a digital library you have free access to through Ventura Missionary. We encourage you to not only use this library for your own discipleship, but to also share content with anyone in your life who is looking for hope, truth, and help in topics such as marriage, parenting, and other common life situations. Do a search on our weekly topics and find some great supplemental material. There is also great content for kids! 

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*PLEASE NOTE: Ventura Missionary Church, and our leadership (including Pastor Doug) does not endorse every idea or theological perspective in these resources; however, we have found them to be helpful resources in developing a well-rounded understanding  about our teaching series.