At Ventura Missionary Church, we place a high value on prayer. We believe it is a vital component of everything we do. As such, prayer undergirds our Sunday Morning Gathering, our Groups and our Missions and Outreach Opportunities to Go. We encourage all Christ-followers to spend time daily in individual prayer and also to participate in corporate prayer opportunities.

Prayer Opportunities


Prayer During Services (Prayer Team)

Shifts at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00am, Prayer Rm.

Praying for the services and for requests that come in through our prayer cards on Sunday mornings.



Prayer for the Persecuted Church

7:00pm, Ventura Home

Praying for Christians around the world who are persecuted because of their faith.



Prayer for Missions (Women's Prayer Group)

1:00pm, Ventura Home

Praying for missionaries around the world.



Moms Prayer Group

8:30-9:30am, Prayer Rm.

Praying for Ventura Missionary School.




Moms In Prayer Groups: Prayer Groups for Schools.

Contact the Church Office for more information about these groups: 805-642-0550



  • Digital Prayer Requests:  If you would like to ask for prayer online, please click here.  Your request will be forwarded to our Prayer Team.

  • Prayer Cards: There are prayer cards in our pew racks. We encourage people to write down their requests on these cards and place them in the offering bag when it goes around.  There are people who pray throughout the services for the needs expressed on these cards.

  • Prayer Room:  Feel free to stop by our Prayer Room on Sunday mornings and ask for prayer.

  • Prayer After Services:  At the end of each of our Sunday morning services, there is an opportunity to connect with Prayer Team members who will pray with you.


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