Wired to Serve

Matthew 5:16 says, "In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." We have an abundance of shining lights in the VMC community. In some respects they are wired differently with a variety of gift sets and personalities. But one component of their wiring is the same - when they do what they were designed to do, their light shines. As they fulfill their calling and serve, they themselves are fulfilled; God is glorified and others are impacted. Many who serve at Ventura Missionary were emailed the question, "Why do you serve?" and asked to respond in a short time frame in order to include their experiences in this blog. The following are some of those people who eagerly responded within that time frame, which says something about the blessings that come from serving. If you would like to explore the opportunities available to serve at VMC, contact us! Here is what some of those who do are saying:

  • I serve in the cafe because it allows me to meet new people and it's a place of gathering, connecting and storytelling which allows me to watch people who are strangers or long lost friends become friends over a warm cup of coffee. It's one of the best parts of my week!! Jamie Mattock, Cafe Team

  • I think we are all called by God to serve in some way. I am thankful I've been called to sreve on the Deaconess ministry. When I am preparing communion for our congregation, I receive more blessings than I give. Judy Hinton, Deaconess

  • I serve because I feel it's vitally important for young people to not only be told God loves them and Jesus died for them, but to build relationships with them so they believe it's true. Monica Lee, 7th Grade Girls Small Group Leader

  • I enjoy meeting people and telling them about our Church and the different ministries. Laura Vecchio, Connection Center Team

  • Our Good Lord has blessed my life in more ways than I know ow to express, and because of that I want to give back to Him in all ways I can, and I believe serving in areas that He bless me with adequate skills (such as the Receptionist Desk, working with Children, and participating in Missionary work) is how I can humbly give back - and I must say how rewarding it is to surround myself with all the wonderful people I meet on these serving experiences. Amanda Stewart, Church Office Receptionist Team

  • I serve because God has done so much for me and I like serving because it's my way to love Him back, love getting and giving hugs and being here to hold people up if they are sad or hurting. Debbie Howery, Usher, Deaconess

  • My goal is to connect attendees to God through music and am grateful for the chance to serve Him. Lois White, Organist

  • I serve because it's fun. Knowing that I can put a smile on someone's face makes me happy. Tito Ontiveros, One of our Lead Ushers

  • Initially I thought I didn't have time to serve as a full time working busy wife and mother, but when I'm serving as a greeter, my spiritual tank gets filled as I welcome people in. Seeing all the people enter to worship and hear God's Word helps me to feel connected with those in the church body. Julie Blevins, Greeter

  • Serving stretches me out of my comfort zone and I am meeting new people. I always enjoy it while I am doing it and feel good about it afterwards. Terry Call, Deaconess

  • I love VMC and want to be involved. I enjoy serving. Ron Dolbier, Usher

  • Serving not only gives me the opportunity to help in different areas, serving has made a difference in my life and has been a way of helping others. I've been fortunate to meet so many wonderful people and feel blessed to have become friends and feel I have helped some in different ways. Great Blessings in serving. Carol Lopez, Deaconess, Church Office Receptionist Team, Bookstore Team

  • I serve because I want everyone to be encouraged...so I love encouraging people to lift their eyes, their hearts, and their voices to God! Dusty Wiggins, Worship Team

  • Serving at the Connection Center allows me to be a part in welcoming visitors to the church and to assist people in finding ways to connect to the church. The extra benefit is that I get to connect with people, too! Laurie Berger, Connection Center Team

  • I serve because I can share my gifts where they are needed. I enjoy the work and I feel a more part of the church and church family when I can be helpful. Karen Burch, Tech Team

  • Josie and I enjoy serving in the KidZone ministry because we love kids and sharing God's Word with them to build a solid foundation for their Christian faith. George Panteleeff, KidZone, 4th & 5th Grade

  • I serve because seeing the smiling faces of our high schoolers makes Hold Fast my happy place. Joann Colby, High School Leader

  • I serve because I want to be a light to others and in turn I am the one being blessed. Danelle Singleton, Cafe Team

  • I have been the blessed recipient of "God sightings" in my faith walk as well as mentoring from very special people which I want to pass along to others. Melanie Markley, Connection Center, Bookstore

  • Serving helps to fulfill the void left in my life by the loss of my husband sixteen years ago, giving me prupose and a closeness in my walk with the Lord. Judy Dearborn, Deaconess, FaithBuilders

  • I serve because I love Jesus and I love His children. It is a blessing to serve them and watch them grow in their faith. Chelsie Newman, KidZone Leader

  • I serve because I like to make a difference in our youths' lives. I get fulfilled by seeing my high school students succeed in the Word of Christ and to watch them grow in their faith! Ian Fleming, High School Leader

  • I serve God and the church because I don't want to be just a member. I want to be an active member and give back. I want to belong. I enjoy greeting, I see people I'm familiar with and those I've met over the years and didn't realize they attend VMC. Valeri Ziegler, Greeter

  • Because VMC has impacted our lives in many ways, Tom and I want to give back to VMC. We have volunteered as facilitators with Rooted and we also enjoy serving in the Cafe. It is a lot of fun because we get to visit with many people. As the VMS Dean of Academics, it is always such a pleasure to see students and their families during worship time. We love our pastors and we love this church! Dr. Tammy Ennis, Cafe Team

  • 1 Corinthians 12:14 says even so the body is not made up of one part, but of many. I serve because it is an act of worship. I love the fellowship and building relationships with my chruch family. The Lord calls us to use our spiritual gifts to build up the church. We have a chance to bless and be blessed! Denise Osiadacz, Night Lights Women's Bible Study Leader, Deaconess

  • One of the many life lessons I have learned is to surround yourself with positive people. The people that serve in this church are a perfect example. They all have a heart to serve just as Christ served us. What better way to reach the lost. There is so much positive energy here! Hank Howery, One of our Lead Ushers

  • I serve because I know what God has done for me, and I want as many people as I can to know what he has done for them also. Dustin Sullivan, High School and Men's Ministry Leader

  • I serve because I love blessing and encouraging others and it also helps me feel connected to the church. Annette Tarin, KidZone Leader, Rooted Serve Team

  • I am fulfilled serving as it helps me appreciate the fact that I can serve others, because I am bless and I truly enjoy helping and giving to other people. The slogan "It is more blessed to give than to receive." I would rather given than receive. Jean Warnke

  • I serve in the bookstore once a month, and on the memorial food donation list. I responded to these areas of need because they appeal to my enjoyment in the gifts of hospitality! Beth Cheatham, Bookstore Team, Helping Hands Team

  • I use my God given gift of construction at various places at the church, as well as different places in the world. I do it because we are called to use our gifts in service to others. Roger Nustad, Elder

  • I believe ministering to the Body through prayer is most important, as is establishing women in the knowledge of God's Word. Kathleen Parsa, Prayer Team, Women's Bible Study Teacher

  • I love to be able to teach Scripture to kids and help them understand God's Word and how it applies to their lives and equip them to see God's Word in light against what modern culture might be teaching them. Jennifer Richards, KidZone and Vacation Bible School Teacher/Story Teller

  • I serve because God has given me the ability to connect with high school students and to help lead them closer to Him. Jeni Vargas, High School Leader

  • I have felt a calling to serve and have been rewarded with wonderful and humbling experiences that have filled my heart and strengthened my relationship with Jesus. Veronica Pimentel, High School Leader

  • I serve because serving others is serving Christ. Kay Kirk, Deaconess

  • I serve because we need to be part of the church and be invested in our family! David Lagesse, Deacon, Usher

  • I serve because as it is a gift from God to do so, it feels good to be helpful to others. Jan Schmutte, Prayer Team, Connection Center Team

  • I share coffee or a meal with men who desire to love the Lord and love others. Together we are failing, honest, questioning, impassioned, enlightened, exhorted, encouraged, determined, gracious, stronger and committed to follow Jesus. Christopher Selvey

  • My soul fills with contentment, joy and awe when the Lord calls me, and I allow His Spirit to work through me to serve others and honor the Father. Doug Hahn, Deacon

  • Serving helps keep me connected to others at the Connection Center. In the Youth Rooted Group I'm in a small group of young ladies digging deeper into God's Word. At Youth Group I'm investing in the next generation and as a DivorceCare Facilitator, I'm experiencing deep connection, deep compassion for hurting individuals. My desire for them is to find their JOY again and to know they are NEVER alone. Tee Foulks

  • We love to serve and participate in the youth program at VMC because it encourages us to be surrounded by so many kids and youth leaders that are on fire for the Lord. These are tomorrow's leaders we are building up!. Craig and Stacie Murphy, High School Leaders

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