VMC Team Makes Progress on Family Ministry Project in Latvia

On their recent visit, VMC Missionaries Juris and Kristine Bekeri-Brivkalni, shared about their calling and vision to facilitate a ministry for families in Latvia on a piece of property that God provided. They are naming this family camp, "The Cave," and it will serve and resource families in an effort to bond and strengthen them, and in some cases, help keep them together. This is truly a trailblazing venture as this type of help for families is unheard of in Latvia, and yet it is very much needed.

There is a tremendous amount of work involved to prepare the land and its buildings to be fully functional for the ministry. Juris and Kristine aptly describe identifying with Noah, who was also given a calling that would take years of preparation.

A team from Ventura Missionary traveled to Latvia July 6-14 to help with this long-term endeavor. They were able to put in flooring, build walls and two bathrooms and to reconstruct several windows. Juris and Kirstine were very blessed by the work done by our team, expressing their deepest gratitude to VMC. They also noted that they are still in need of more teams to come and assist. Please pray that the "BeBe's" as we call them, will be able to stay the course and that God will continue to guide and provide.

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