Rooted Celebration - Spring 2018

On April 25, our seven Spring 2018 Rooted Discipleship groups celebrated their 10-week experience. At the onset of the journey, some of the 95 participants were excited, but many were hesitant and a few were even resistant. But as these individuals entered in, they learned, they connected and they were changed. As they shared their stories within their groups, God continued to write their stories of transformation. Couples were surprised by how God bonded them in deeper ways, past participants were stretched and blessed as they took on a facilitator role, individuals made decisions to follow Christ, people found fulfillment by participating in a serve experience and two participants are being baptized on April 29. Though the Celebration included food and fellowship, the highlight was the testimonies of what God has done. The following are a few brief statements of these experiences:

  • 10 weeks ago I had a lot of unanswered questions about God. Today I feel closer to God and look to Him as a Father I can count on.

  • 10 weeks ago I was feeling ashamed and hurt. Today I feel a sense of freedom and purpose in my life.

  • 10 weeks ago I did not understand stronghold sin. Today I understand it and with God's strength I have broken a generational sin.

  • 10 weeks ago I was frustrated with life. Today I have more peace and feel God at work and love my new friends.

  • 10 weeks ago I felt like I was on the outside looking in. Today I am reminded that I am part of the family of God.

  • 10 weeks ago I wanted to know Jesus more personally and grow in my faith. Today I feel Jesus near me, He loves me and hears my prayers.

  • 10 weeks ago I was not focused on God. Today I'm focused on Him! He is the answer to my prayers!

  • 10 weeks ago I knew there were some fabulous people at VMC but I didn't know who many of them were or how to get to know them. Today I can say I've met and begun to get to know these great people. I look forward to continuing our friendship and faith walk together.

  • 10 weeks ago I was missing a piece to life. Today I feel complete.

  • 10 weeks ago I didn't have this group of friends. Today I have 10 new friends that I love and respect.

  • 10 weeks ago I carried my scars alone. Today I proudly wear the scars of Jesus and I'm not alone.

  • 10 weeks ago I felt unsure and didn't know what to expect, and honestly felt that 10 weeks felt like an eternity and if it didn't appeal to me, I would do what I "typically do" and disconnect and move to the NEXT ADVENTURE. Today I am not ready to move on to the NEXT ADVENTURE. I like it here and I want to stay!

  • 10 weeks ago I felt nervous and reluctant to open up. Today I feel safe and accepted.

  • 10 weeks ago I didn't think Rooted was really for me since I have been a Christian a long time. Today I have made new friends and enjoy being part of a Bible study, which I hadn't been in for a long time.

  • 10 weeks ago I was confused about my future. Today I am at peace knowing He is in control.

  • 10 weeks ago I questioned God's presence in my life. Today I feel God's love.