Homes of HOPE!

Ventura Missionary sends approximately two teams per year down to Mexico to build a home for a family in need. We partner with Youth With A Mission's "Homes of Hope" ministry on these endeavors. Each home is built in two days, but changes the lives in a family forever. Our incredible teams, comprised of people of all ages, see first-hand the hope this labor of love facilitates, and they are blessed i the process. The following are some of the comments from those who participated on the October 2017 trip:

"When the little girl saw her room, she was full with excitement. My heart just blowed up with love and joy. When we were passing around the keys, it was a blessing that everyone of the people got to speech. I was just tearing up. At the end I was crying because the mom, dad was crying, too. The Lord was right there the whole time." (child team member)

"When Abraham (one of the children who received the home) prayed, he said that he wanted to help other poor children now that we had helped his family. It's so amazing how God can use us to affect other people who can affect other people."

"I loved being able to talk to the family, learning their stories and the miracle of their nine-day old baby's birth. It was special taking three grocery carts and filling them with $400 worth of food for the family. Also, it was great seeing the Lord use each one of us to help us build the house in less than two days! Wow! Seeing how fun it was to work hard and complete the house together was amazing. To God be the glory!"

"When I asked Pedro (the father) when starting the project, 'How are you feeling?' I was trying to understand his perspective. Hie answered, 'I have never owned anything.' I really did not compute until I thought how I received clothes, but receiving 'new' clothes is so much more fun. I thought how I have so many things...a car, job, loving family, Bible, clothes, etc. He is reminding me of using and valuing the important things that provide a peaceful life. As the house was built, I was especially grateful for being a part of something being so appreciated. I enjoyed seeing Pedro smile with the gift of being in a home he could call his own."

"Had a great time working with my team. The camaraderie was excellent. Totally felt like I bonded with everyone I worked with. I was blessed to have participated in the serving the Lord in an active way by building a home for these without one. Was a very touching and emotional experience to give them a blessing at the end. Listening to everyone bless them was insightful and touching...Thank you for this incredible experience!!"

"Shopping with the family impacted me the most. As I was pushing the cart with the daughter hanging off the end, Pedro walked up and asked me if I knew what kind of cheese was on our sandwiches from lunch. I told him provolone and showed him where it was. He said, 'Oh, we can't normally afford cheese like that.' Then he looked at me and said, 'Maybe just this one time,' and smiled putting the package in the cart. Such a simple everyday item I can have anytime was a special treat to him and put such a big smile on his face."

"The time I got impacted the most is when we were all in the house at the end. The whole family was crying and very grateful for their new home. At that moment I realized how lucky I was to be wealthy and live in the U.S. I also realized that there is a lot of people in need in the world."

"Seeing the family involved with the build was a great thing to see. Also watching how the family reacted to all the things people were telling them at the end...They were really grateful for what God gave them"

"During the shopping trip, I was able to connect and hear Lizbeth and Pepe's story and it made the whole trip more meaningful. I realized I also still judge people sometimes without realizing how many different factors play into everyone's personal journey."

"This build I was impressed the most with the Sanchez/Carrillo family. The Holy Spirit is very much evident with the family. The young boy, Abraham, led with a prayer the first day. It was moving to see him so eager to pray and provide such a thoughtful, mature and sincere prayer...I'm sure the family will now (with the new house) carry God's Word forward as they move through their lives!"

"At the very end of the build, we went into the home. It was the family's turn to speak. Pedro and Elizabeth were almost completely at a loss for words and tears were streaming down their faces. Now that is what I call gratefulness and hope!"

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