Goal Achieved!

In 2006, the missions department of Ventura Missionary had a goal: to share the good news of Christ with an unengaged/unreached people group. After much prayer for discernment, we identified the Songhai people in a specific region of western Nigeria as the people group that we would adopt. It was a daunting goal, and many obstacles stood in between our reality and the fulfillment of that goal. There was a great distance between us and them, it would be a costly endeavor, we did not speak the language and a variety of other significant opposition existed. But, as we stepped out in faith, God worked in amazing ways. On our very first trip, we met Ezekiel, who would become our on-site missionary. He moved his family from their home in the city to the remote village where the people group lived. During the subsequent twelve years, we have sent three primary medical teams, three clean water teams and participated in three other trips. We have also partnered with Ezekiel in a number of other ways to share the love of Christ with the Songhai. As we pressed on, God moved the obstacles and people began responding to the gospel. Today, the Songhai in this region are no longer "unengaged." Our goal for this people group to have a reproducing church has been achieved. We have officially handed off the ministry to the Songhai Christian Association. Ezekiel will continue to be our missionary for a few more years as he ministers in Western Africa. What a blessing it has been to be just a part of God's plan for the Songhai people and to participate in something that has eternal impact. Special thanks to all of you who have invested time, resources, finances and to those of you who traveled to this village on the other side of the world to share the love of Jesus.