Celebrating 73 Baptisms!

People began arriving on the scene early for our Beach Baptism on the afternoon of October 1. There was an excitement in the air. Deacons and Deaconesses had already secured and set-up our space at Harbor Cove, and laid out a tasty spread of refreshments. Blue sky and sunshine added another layer of beauty to the day. Even the fish seemed to be celebrating, jumping out of the water as a backdrop to those who would publicly declare their faith in Christ. After a time of worship and a few testimonies, the baptisms began.

Each person who took this step represented a story God is writing and interweaving with friends, family and church family. Many also represented fruit from a wide variety of ministries at VMC. Fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, friends, individuals, whole families - people of all ages - participated. A total of 73 were baptized while a noticeably moved crowd rejoiced on the shoreline. Pastors and Ministry Leaders were beaming as they interacted with and facilitated this sacred opportunity for people to confess outwardly what Christ has done in their hearts. It's this transformation that we celebrate. We are in awe of how our great God works so mightily and personally in every life.