A Crucial Resource for Missionaries

Bob Klamser is a VMC missionary who serves with Crisis Consulting International (CCI). Below he describes this increasingly crucial resource for missionaries and missions organizations.

Bob Creson grew up attending Ventura Missionary Church. Shortly after he joined Wycliffe Bible Translators, he contacted me. One of Wycliffe's missionaries had been kidnapped and then killed in Colombia two years earlier. As a result, Bob was part of a team that was developing security training for Wycliffe's missionaries. Because Bob knew that I was trained as a hostage negotiator in law enforcement, he asked if I would help with that project. I did, and by late 1985 we were training missionaries from Wycliffe and other missionary organizations. Wycliffe suggested that an independent non-profit group be formed to take over that training and to serve as hostage negotiators for future missionary kidnapping cases. Crisis Consulting International became that organization and continues now, 31 years later.

When asked what CCI does, we really want to emphasize that our goal is to train and equip frontline missionaries so that they can continue to present the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission in increasingly dangerous places in the world. The objective is always to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ - we help those on the frontline do that. Much of our work involves training and consulting. But, CCI is the only organization in the world that also assists in negotiating and recovering kidnapped missionaries of any nationality held anywhere in the world. We are presently conducting the 111th such negotiation.

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Editor's Note: Bob Creson is also a VMC Missionary. He is now the President of Wycliffe Bible Translators.