Get Rooted

A root is defined as "the part of a plant that attaches it to the ground or to a support, typically underground, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches and fibers," When roots receive sufficient nourishment, they thrive, bloom and bear fruit.

461 people have participated in Rooted, a 10-week experiential discipleship journey at Ventura Missionary. It has truly been an environment where people go deep and find support and nourishment for their souls.

To say that people like Rooted, would be an understatement. When asked what the best part of Rooted was, one person shared, "You cannot pick and choose the best part of a gift so special." Jeni Vargas, a Ventura Missionary Middle School teacher, had this to say about Rooted:

I decided to go through Rooted because our Student Ministries Pastor, Doug Colby, asked me to participate so that I could lead in the fall with high schoolers. My favorite part of Rooted was spending time with my husband and other people in the church and really getting to know them...and getting to know my husband better, because we had not spent time in a group like that for ten to fifteen years. I would definitely recommend going to Rooted with your spouse. It was amazing. We reconnected. We've been going through a lot of challenges in our life at home and with each other and with our son, and it really helped us to "rot" ourselves in who God is and what Christ has called us to do.

During Rooted, we were asked to share our stories. My husband and I decided to share our stories on the same night. I didn't know if this was going to work really well or not, but it was very sweet. Through my storytelling, I was able to tell the story of my husband and I, how he came to Christ through dating me and his journey from my perspective and how we grew together. And then being able to hear him tell his story and how he shared some things that I hadn't really known before. It was really emotional. He made me cry. He made everyone at the table cry. I actually think that was the most special part - hearing people's stories and being able to dive deeper into who each of us were.

On September 19, we launch our fifth Rooted Discipleship Experience at Ventura Missionary. Registration deadline is September 11. For details or to register for the Fall 2017 Rooted, click here.