Rooted - A Place of Connection

On September 19, we launch our fifth Rooted Discipleship Experience at Ventura Missionary. What are people saying about this 10-week journey? Dusty Wiggins has this to say about his Rooted Experience:

"My favorite part of Rooted was connecting with people. Every single person in my Rooted group has an amazing story, and if I had just seen these people on a normal Sunday, it's just not really enough to get to know someone. But going through Rooted, you really get to know people on a deep level. At first it may be a little bit scary or you feel unsure, but I just went for it, and it was just an amazing time. I do feel more connected with people because of Rooted, because in a sense those people that I got to know in Rooted, are my core people. After Rooted, we did an Unleashing Hope group together. Now we barbeque together, and we email each other. If someone needs prayer, those are our prayer people. We're doing life now with each other. I have the privilege of serving on the worship team and encouraging everyone to worship Jesus, and I see my 'peeps' out there, and it so cool."

Registration for Rooted ends September 11. For more information about Rooted or to register, click here.