Unleashing Hope in Mexico

Recently, another YWAM Homes of Hope team from Ventura Missionary spent a weekend using their gifts to share God's love with a family in Mexico. On Saturday, April 1, they gathered on a freshly cured concrete slab, and introduced themselves to the family for whom they would be building a home. At that time, the family of six was living in an old motor home. Martin, Nelly, Martin Jr. (age 14), Linda (age 7), Gael (age 5) and Israel (age 3) survive on a combined family income of $41 per week.

By the following afternoon, our team was gathered in front of the new home they had built and spent time dedicating it to God. As they unleashed hope to this family, they also unleashed hope in their own hearts. Here are some of their comments:

- "This serve experience has once again completely humbled me. God has reaffirmed my gifts and talents to RADICALLY SERVE others...Each opportunity to serve...draws me closer to Him. I am more blessed, thankful and grateful than the Garcia-Ramirez Family. This reaffirms my calling after retirement...God is good. All the time!!!" ~Dave

- "My challenge was taking the step to experience this trip.The family was so amazing to me. They live daily with such unimaginable obstacles. I loved working with my daughter painting the house and knowing we helped in blessing this family. In return, I felt like I was the one being blessed. I also enjoyed watching everyone work so hard together for such a special gift. The Lord definitely led the group." ~Kelly

- "Having the children laughing really struck me. When the build family entered their new house, the children started screaming with joy and laughing. I was not expecting such an expression of raw and almost unending joy. I'll never forget that moment." ~Scott

- "So happy I was able to be a part of these children's future. I can't save them all, but this weekend I was able to better the lives for four of them...I was able to focus on others instead of myself. I feel refreshed." ~Malina

- "This was the first time that I have had the pleasure of being involved with a build. The impact we had today is God's grace, mercy and love pouring out of each of us. It's the closest I've felt to the Holy Spirit." ~Matt

Trip leader, Billy Bigler says, "I'm grateful to be a part of His plan and watch His story continue to unfold, in true life, living color, on these trips. Thank You to all who make this possible!"

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