Spring 2017 Rooted Celebration

On April 1, the Spring 2017 Rooted Discipleship Experience culminated with a celebration of what God had done in the previous 10 weeks. 140 participants took part in a spiritual journey which included 10 small groups, a prayer experience, 10 serve experiences at local outreaches and much more. Two individuals accepted Christ as their Savior during Rooted, and nine plan to be baptized on April 23. Here is what some of those who went through this session are saying about Rooted:

What was the best part of Rooted for you personally?

  • "You cannot pick and choose the best part of a gift so special..."

  • "Hearing about each story and the journey of the group members. This experience refreshed my faith in Jesus and energized me for what God has in store next."

  • "Everything. It was an AMAZING experience!"

  • "The sharing of the testimonies. The close relationship we developed in just a few weeks."

  • "It was great and I didn't want it to end."

  • "The relationships I built in Rooted will help me to feel a part of the church family..."

  • "My favorite personal experiences were hands-on prayer times with our group and also individual time spent at the Prayer Experience."

  • "An exceptional experience! I grew tremendously spiritually over the past ten weeks with the sharing of knowledge and support from my group. Gave me more confidence and opened up my heart and eyes to all the wonderful people at our church and the power of prayer."

Cardboard Testimonies:

  • "10 weeks ago, I felt stagnant. Today, I have purpose."

  • "10 weeks ago, I felt tired and burned out. Today, I feel restored and renewed."

  • "10 weeks ago, I was longing for community. Today, I feel loved and connected to my Rooted group."

  • "10 weeks ago, I was floundering in my faith. Today, I am re-established in my faith, rooted deeper, experiencing God's peace and feeling supported by a community."

  • "10 weeks ago, I was in darkness and grief. Today, the joy of the Lord is my strength."

  • "10 weeks ago, I felt like a guest at Missionary. Today, I have 15 awesome new friends at Missionary Church."

  • "10 weeks ago, I wasn't sure of my spiritual gifts. Today, I am experiencing joy in serving by using my gifts."

  • "10 weeks ago, I didn't want to be a part of a program and do what everyone else is doing. Today, I have 12 new family members. Rooted isn't a program. It's about relationships. I have no doubt I could call any one of them in an emergency and they would come to my rescue."

The next Rooted Discipleship Experience will start in September. In the meantime, we are launching an all church journey on April 23 called, "Unleashing Hope." It features a terrific small group component. If you would like to lead or participate in a group, visit ventureamissionary.com/groups to sign-up.

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