God's Grace Through the Messes of Marriage

Seven years ago, Linda Selvey's 83 year-old mother left the hospital and came to live in the Selvey home for long term care. Linda, her husband Chris, and their three teenage children, had five very difficult years. To normal life pressures such as work, finances, illness and teenagers, they ADDED a re-arranged home, doctor appointments, late night ambulances, adult diapers, estate and legal action, decisions that hurt, and messes of all sorts. Linda says, "This stressed our marriage!"

Chris says, "28 years ago, we committed to love each other 'in sickness and in health,' so this hardship was ours together. Though we were sometimes impatient, frustrated and tired, we found ourselves giving from emptiness, serving out of exhaustion, trusting each other's decisions, patiently cleaning up the messes.

Through all these years, God's Grace was evident in so many ways. Our children learned compassion. Family and friends assisted us. Tear-filled mornings turned into fun wheelchair strolls in the afternoon. Memory loss from dementia provided really funny discussion, and we took sunshine drives just for French fries. By God's Grace we learned together with our kids how to be loving, kind, thankful and joyous in diversity. We learned together that His Grace is sufficient!"

EDITOR'S NOTE: Chris and Linda are one of the mentor couples who facilitate the Foundations Course for engaged, pre-engaged and newly married young couples. The next Foundations course starts March 3. Click here to register. Questions: Tracy Maxson

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