One Body, Many Parts

Brie Ananias was a pastor's wife during her early adult years, but that marriage ended and she began a season where her primary focus was discipling and providing for her two young daughters. It was difficult to connect at first with a church family because of the stigma associated with divorce, even though at times church was the only place she felt good. Each step of the way, God was bringing healing as she allowed Him to guide her. She longed to feel "grafted in" again, and then she heard about the Rooted Discipleship experience. Her daughter said to her, "This sounds like something you'd like, Mom!" And so it was. In fact, the small group environment of Rooted was the catalyst that brought a feeling of acceptance again in the church community.. During her 10 weeks at Rooted, Brie was laid off of her job. Even though in some ways this was devastating, through the encouragement of her group and what she was learning about God's purpose for her - the part she has to play in the Body of Christ - Brie began to see this event as an open door toward what she was truly meant to do. Brie is a registered dietitian and has a master's degree in public health and nutrition. She has a heart to educate women about the relationship between our diet and health and to help them get in line with God's plan for food. She wants women to know how to be healthy for God's glory. God is still healing Brie. She says she doesn't always feel good, but she knows that God is good. She knows that she is not meant to stand still - that it's time to get to work. As she puts it, "On the hard days I remember that God is sufficient...and in my weakness, I choose to rely upon Him. Then I am made strong." Brie was recently contacted by a former employer and offered a job. This job will allow her time she wouldn't have had in her previous job, to further her calling.

As God was speaking to Brie about the plan He has for her, she was simultaneously connecting with Shannon Dullam in her Rooted group. Shannon was also feeling God's tug in a complimentary area. Shannon has been a part of the church most of her life. She grew up in a Christ-filled home and says that she is "an authentic and devoted daughter of God who is passionate about loving the Lord with all her heart, soul and mind." (Matthew 22:37) She is happily married to her husband and has a 13 year-old son. The past 27 years of her career she has been dedicated to cardiac nursing in Ventura. She has recently shifted from the clinical setting to a humanitarian/public health setting. Like Brie, this new role will allow her to dive into her passion. She has formed her own Integrative Health & Wellness business called, "The Hope Filled Heart." Through her own health struggles, work experiences and research Shannon began to see an opportunity to strengthen all aspects of our health by connecting our entire being. She says, "You can have access to the genius brains of physicians and all the medical technology in the world, but if Jesus is not at the core, you are not truly well." She believes that even though there are physical reasons for health issues, the soul is at the core, and that mind, soul and body all work together.

As Shannon and Brie interacted more and more about their passion, they decided they would combine efforts. As a result, they launched a successful Whole and Wellness Workshop in January.