The Sky's The Limit!

One of the priorities of Ventura Missionary School is to create a vibrant and challenging academic environment with the highest of standards. Right in line with this goal is an exciting learning opportunity in the area of science, the QUEST program. Dean of Student Affairs, Amy Hall, saw this program presented at last year's ACSI convention and thought it would be a wonderful addition to our school.

At about the same time, Alane Woods, a substitute teacher in the public school system for many years, was attending Rooted, our 10-week discipleship experience. Rooted helps people connect with God, their church family and their purpose. Alane was feeling a tugging on her heart to seek out a teaching position here at Ventura Missionary. Through her group's encouragement she applied, and was subsequently hired for this academic school year. Alane has a background in science, so the project Dean Hall had learned about was a great fit.

Some industrious 8th graders have since embarked on this project for NASA research this year in Mrs. Woods' class. They built and programmed an EV3 robot. This robot will help evaluate heat absorption and consumption in space, which in turn will help keep astronauts safe during their travels in the cosmos. The EV3 left VMS for NASA on December 16, and has a tentative launch date of March 7. The robot will travel to the International Space Station, and our students will be able to view their project via camera. It will even have the Ventura Missionary School logo on it! They will be able to evaluate the data generated from space by their robot.

The sky's the limit for our students at Ventura Missionary School as they learn about the One who created the heavens and the earth. This year that learning extended to actually having an impact on mankind's first-hand exploration of those "heavens!"

NOTE: Online regiration for the Spring Rooted Discipleship experience starts January 8. Rooted will take place on Wednesday evenings, starting January 25.