The Bova Family - Juggling Life's Greatest Priorities

Family life can often resemble a circus. We walk the financial tightrope, try to ignore the elephant in the room and struggle to keep the balls in the air of all we manage. No one can identify more with this juggling act than the Bova family. In February of 2001, they were a family of three: Joe, Lynn and one-year old Ryan. In March, that all changed when they were blessed with quintuplets: Abigail, Kathryn, Sam, Emiline and Nathaniel. The Bova "family circus" took on new meaning when overnight three became eight. The Ventura Missionary family jumped in with tremendous support, taking shifts to help care for the toddler and five babies and providing needed items.

Early on, no one in the household was sleeping much. Invariably one of the babies was up and in need of attention. One night, however, Joe and Lynn found themselves staring down at five babies ALL crying AT ONCE! Joe and Lynn were tempted to cry themselves, but in that moment of realizing their new reality, they just started laughing!

In the midst of the crazy times over the years, laughter and joy have sprinkled their adventures. Lynn says that they make an annual trip to car...with eight people...for 20 hours. There are plenty of circus-like moments on those journeys. When they stop for food, Lynn finds it comical to see the looks on people's faces as her large clan exits their vehicle one at a time. She figures the onlookers are probably wondering how many more will keep rolling out!

Today the Bova's have six teenagers, and the adventures continue. Managing school, work, sports and other responsibilities is still a juggling act. Currently Lynn is also a leader for Ventura Missionary's Rooted Discipleship experience, because at the foundation of all they juggle, Christ is the priority. They understand the principle of Matthew 6:33, "Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well." There has certainly been and will continue to be challenging times. Joe and Lynn have resolved to honor God in the midst of difficulties. That can be extremely hard when you don't feel like it. But they want to be obedient no matter what, knowing that God created families, and He is in control.

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