Gifts of Time Bring Blessings All Around

In 1973, Ellie Austin was asked to be a 2nd grade Sunday school teacher. She said yes, and 43 years later, she is still serving in children's ministry, welcoming families at check-in and helping kids learn the books of the Bible. One of the things Ellie most enjoys is seeing the next generation. She taught many of the parents who now bring their kids. God's truth is being passed down by the generosity of people like Ellie.

Reed and Lori Adams are currently 4th grade boys and girls small group leaders. Recently when Ellie was teaching, she asked Reed to stand and recite the books of the Bible, because she had him in Sunday school years ago. Now a very tall man, Reed stood up in front of his group of boys and the rest of the class, and recited them. It was a fun moment.

Lori Adams began serving in KidZone to equip her to share the truth of the Bible with her own kids. 3 years ago she began facilitating the 4th grade girls. They have had so much fun, not only going through the lessons, but also putting what they learn into practice. Lori's group has helped the ushers, baked cookies for a women's event and sewn bibs for a local pregnancy center. An added blessing for Lori has been the interaction she's had with other parents who she may never had met otherwise.

If you would like to be part of our KidZone ministry, email Cathy (early childhood) or Janet (elementary).