Rooted Was Transformational!

Our mission at Ventura Missionary is to live and share the transforming love of Jesus. It's as we connect with God, His church community and our purpose that our lives take on meaning...we are changed. The Rooted discipleship experience facilitates this kind of transformation. We are encouraging everyone to participate in this opportunity. Here is what John Shallenberger says about what it was like for him to be a part of Rooted last Spring:

"Rooted was transformational! 'When two or more are gathered in His name'...the presence of God's love was there as the Holy Spirit blessed us and revealed powerful truths. One of the most incredible, intimate truths I discovered was that I don't just talk to God, but that I can listen...and He will talk to me! I am not worthy, but I am loved and accepted! In Rooted, each week we journeyed through important topics, such as Creation, the devil and our broken world, strongholds and managing God's money. As we read God's Word, the Scripture spoke to each of us, sometimes in very different ways, and then we all shared in the experience as each of the members related to one another. I learned that I was not alone. As we became rooted in one another's lives, I grew and became part of the community of believers, in a different, and perhaps even more powerful way, than my weekly church attendance. The group leaders and Pastor Chad were infused and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We learned about our purpose of how to love and serve God. We learned how to use our spiritual gifts to help share the transformational love of Jesus Christ, how to become rooted within our church community and to go out and serve in the community and the larger world. Thank you Jesus, and thank you Ventura Missionary for the Rooted Experience!"

During Rooted, John decided to be baptized. His Rooted group was right by his side as he took the plunge on May 1, 2016. He also now enthusiastically serves on our Greeter Team, so he is one of those smiling faces that warmly welcomes you on Sunday mornings.