The Rooted Experience

On April 14, Ventura Missionary completed its second pilot session of Rooted, a ten-week discipleship experience designed to help people connect with God, the church and their purpose. It's an experiential journey into the rhythms of Jesus in the context of community. 119 people completed our Spring session. Out of that, 19 became members of Ventura Missionary, 3 were baptized on May 1, several renewed their commitments to Christ, and 1 accepted Christ for the first time! We will be launching this opportunity church-wide in the Fall.

Here are a few highlights from comments received:

What was the best part of Rooted for you personally?

- Awaiting with anticipation for Monday night to arrive - just to hear how God moved forward in everyone's week. Is there a better way to spend 10 weeks...I don't think so.

- Wow, hard to pinpoint one thing. This whole experience was amazing.

- Overall total growth and a deeper understanding of my purpose.

- Getting to know these fabulous people! I loved hearing their stories and getting to know their hearts!

How did Rooted impact or change your relationship with God?

- I now fully understand what it means to have a personal relationship with God. My co-workers, family and friends notice I am different, free and happy.

- Rooted brought me back to God...It was just the perfect thing at the perfect time.

- My prayers are purposeful again, and I look for more opportunities to share Christ's love with others.

- Wonderful seeing the impact God is having on real people in our church family.

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