Homes of Hope

Why we serve....

On April 1-4, a team from Ventura Missionary traveled to Mexico to build a home for the Cruz de los Santos family. The family of six had been living in a one-room dwelling, but now have a home. Here is what team members are saying about this serve experience:

- The transformational impact of handing a family the keys to their new home, the squeals of excitement from the kids as they entered the completed home and the tears of joy from the parents made the whole trip worthwhile.

- This has changed my view of the living situations of these children before we get to them. I will be forever grateful for everything I do have.

- I was so happy for the kids to be able to paint their own house.

- Highlight was watching the impact the trip had on the team...the family and their love and affection towards us, and the family helping, all 4 kids jumping in.

- I know this day will forever impact the family and change the course of their lives.

- I feel a deep bond with every member of the build team, as well as with the family.