I dare you.

Six practices to help you connect more deeply with God.

You are invited into an opportunity to transform your life, an opportunity that will help you become more intentional about spiritual growth. I Dare You is a six-week campaign that combines weekly sermons, small group discussion guides, social media content, a series booklet, and weekly practices (we'll call them dares). The content, designed to engage kids, teens, families, and adults, will help you connect more deeply with God. So...will you take the dare? We hope so! 
Check out the introductory sermon for the series where Pastor Doug lays out the why and how of what we're doing during this initiative. 


JAN 16: Prayer

JAN 23: Scripture

JAN 30: Sabbath

FEB 6: Service

FEB 13: Physical Body

FEB 20:  Worship

Each week, we will dare individuals, families, kids, teens, and small groups to engage in a practice. In addition to being able to access these dares, and other tools and resources in our booklet (See step 3 below), you can also access the booklets, many other resources, and a way to share your experience doing the dares on the tab below.

How Do I Get Started?

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Explore Group Options Below

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Pick Up a Booklet

or Download Here

We have a lot of group options on different days and times with some great facilitators. Check them out below.

Once you have selected the group you would like to participate in, click on the link above and sign up.

Group participants will be given a booklet on Sunday, January 16. If you are not in a group, or would just prefer a digital version, download above.

I Dare You Group Options

Young Adults (18-29) Groups: 6:30 pm, on campus
Facilitated by: Casie Kruseman (girls) and Austin White (guys)


Mixed Group, 3:45 pm

Facilitated by David Hogan

Dave Hogan.jpg

Women's Group, 6:30 pm

Facilitated by Jenn Gallo and Lynn Bova

Lynn Bova Square.jpg

Mixed Group, 6:30 pm, On Campus

Facilitated by Dave and Elaine Bustos

Dave and Elaine.jpg

Mixed Group, 6:00 pm, Ventura Home

Facilitated by Mark and Kelly Russell (Children welcome)

Mark and Kelly square.jpg


(Childcare available for Birth-5th Grade upon request): 

Men's Groups, 6:00 pm, On Campus

Facilitator options: Phil Sylvester or John Worthy

John Worthy Square.jpg

Women's Group, 6:00 pm, On Campus

Facilitated by Elizabeth and Cortney

Elizabeth Square.jpg
Cortney Square.jpg

Mixed Group, 6:30 pm, On Campus

Facilitated by Evan and Emily Hunt

Evan and Emily.jpg

Mixed Group, 6:30 pm, On Campus

Facilitated by Ron and Mary Ellen Dolbier

Ron and Mary Ellen.jpg


Mixed Group, 6:00 pm over Zoom

Facilitated by David Lutz


Mixed Group, 6:30 pm, Ventura Home

Facilitated by Todd and Shannon White

Todd and Shannon.jpg