ALIENS - A Sermon-Based Group Study on Thriving in Exile

When you think of aliens, maybe you think of Extra-Terrestrial beings that invade earth and try to take over the world (or try to figure out how to repair their ship and get back to their home planet), or crazy old farmers in Iowa that swear they saw a UFO land in their cornfield. Maybe you even think of the immigration issues.
But you probably don't think of the Bible.
Maybe you should.
The Bible is actually filled with stories about and women who found themselves on foreign soil, living in a place where they didn't belong. And many of these men and women learned to do more than just survive - they learned to influence the foreign (and often pagan) cultures they were surrounded by.
Aliens is a new collection of messages and a small group study curriculum produced by Ventura Missionary Church that will explore the lives of seven Biblical aliens (people like Joseph, Esther, and Daniel) and teach us how to live as people who are - as Jesus said - "not of this world."
On-campus groups meet on Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00pm, January 28-March 24. Childcare is available for these groups (must pre-register when you sign-up).
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