We believe in the BIBLE, inspired, infallible and the authoritative Word of God; THE TRIUNE GOD, one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; JESUS CHRIST, begotten by THE HOLY SPIRIT, born of the Virgin Mary, true God and true Man; The Holy Spirit, God dwelling in the believer and guiding him in Truth, endowing Him with gifts as He determines and enabling Him to glorify God; MAN, created by God in His image, but born with a sinful nature through the fall of Adam, under His righteous judgment; SALVATION, God’s giving of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to become man’s Savior; HEAVEN, a place prepared for all persons who are in Christ; and THE CHURCH, commissioned to evangelize the world by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and by living as His servants among men.

Our Mission

We exist to live and share the transforming love of Jesus.


What We Value


The Word is the final word.

The Bible is our ultimate source of truth, it drives our lives & empowers us to live a better story.


The World:

We generously extend ourselves to others.

The love of Jesus compels us to abundantly pour out our lives and offer hope as God’s change-agents in the world.



The greatness of God compels us to respond.

We commit to the consistent and regular practice of praising God together.


Transformation happens together. 

We believe God uses honest, vulnerable, radically real community as a catalyst for spiritual growth.



We will pursue becoming the people we are called to be in Christ. 

We accept the honest tension of being sinners saved by grace and will not pretend to be more than we are

or settle for less than God desires.



No sin is too big for the cross.

As a church we are a refuge, a never-ending second chance community for injured, damaged, broken, imperfect people.



We need all-in attitudes from all.

Our calling as a church is so big that everyone’s fully engaged gifts are essential to the accomplishment of our mission.



We have fun following Jesus.

We embrace being a community that laughs and enjoys life to the fullest.



We trust God to do big things.

We reject safe, fear-based decision making and rely on God’s strength to explore possibilities and try new approaches that stretch us out of our comfort zones.